About Us

Who is HeySharp?

We are a new concept in Wireless phone services.  We are a Buyer’s Representative and group purchasing service.  Using our unique resources, you can have $34/month unlimited talk, text, and data along with quality cell phones and accessories.  On your behalf, we negotiate with the major phone service providers and phone manufacturers.  We work hard to make owning a cell phone cheap and easy!

How does HeySharp Work?

We negotiate with the major phone companies and are constantly seeking out the greatest deals for our customers to enjoy wonderful phone service and phone coverage at the best price!  It is quite similar to how Priceline.com works, the very popular website used to book accommodations and flights for vacations worldwide at a low rate.  However instead of working with Airlines and Hotels we work with great phone service providers like AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile.

Currently we work with a Subdivision of AT&T and use their towers to get you the same great coverage AT&T offers with no overage fees or irritating contracts!  Below is the map of our current coverage! (Green Area - 4G LTE) (Yellow Areas - 3G).  We also work with T-mobile to get truly unlimited 4G LTE with no overage fee or contracts.

Our Current Coverage map (Green Areas 4G LTE) (Yellow Areas 3G)

Why Choose HeySharp?

There are many reasons HeySharp is a fantastic option for you!  Simply put, we care and want to make sure you are happy!  HeySharp was founded on the belief that owning a cellphone should not be full of hassles, tricks, and confusion.

Do you get anxious when checking your monthly phone bill?  Not when you do business with HeySharp!  When we offer $34 service for unlimited talk, text, and data per month, that is what you get!  You don't pay a penny more!

If you are tired of dealing with automated menus when you try to reach customer service, you will love HeySharp!  With us you will always speak to a live person who will get you where you need to go quickly!  Once you receive service through HeySharp's system you no longer have to wait in line at a store.  You don't have to wait on hold in service queues (the next representative will be with you in 10 minutes!) or struggle to communicate in English with technical support.  We cheerfully handle everything regarding your service

So if you experience frustration with your current phone provider, and if you wish to be valued as a person and not as a number, and if you would like to save money on your monthly phone bill and have confidence that you won't get billed overage charges or hidden fees, then please, we hope you will make an account with us or speak with a representative by calling our toll free number!  We would love to take care of you!

A Few Things About HeySharp

  • We are not a Phone Company, we are a buyers representative.  We approach the phone companies on your behalf and get great deals on phone service for you!
  • We are able to port your current phone number over, so you can keep the same number you are now using.
  • After ordering your new service it will take a few days to receive the new SIM Card.  During that time, we will be setting up your account.  Your old service will still work.  Once your SIM card arrives, it usually takes just minutes to get you activated.  We will cancel your old service at the same moment we activate your new service.
  • Note** If you desire to keep your current phone number do not cancel your current service until we have ported that number over. (Early termination of current service can result in your number being given to someone else!  Be mindful that it takes a few days to get your new card to you.)
  • You are able to update payment and address information by logging into your personal account with HeySharp.com

If you have any other questions please check our FAQ, call us at our toll free number, or email us anytime. Thank you so much for your interest in HeySharp!