How to Manage Phone Service?

Managing your HeySharp Service is Simple!

Recurring Payments.

We use a tool called "Recharge" for all of our recurring payments. This tool gives you the ability to see upcoming payments, past transactions, and how many plans you have on your account!

If you order a phone plan through us you will notice that your information is asked to be given twice! This is because you will have to create an account with Heysharp's storefront and then enter your information again to be setup for auto pay!

How to access your Customer Portal.

Once you login to your HeySharp account you will see in the top right corner your name will appear instead of "Login", once you have logged in and found your name go ahead and click on it!

After you click on it you should see "Manage Subscriptions" In bold toward the top of the page. From there you can update your credit/debit card. See how much your bill is going to be, and remember what date your card will be charged. If you have any questions you can contact hayden at and he will be able to help you with any issue!

That's it!

Simply create an account, be sure to enter the information one more time to setup the auto pay feature, and then have all of your account information at your fingertips!

Thank you!