Infinite 4G LTE phone plan (Cricket)

Infinite 4G LTE phone plan (Cricket)

  • $ 54.00

Our Infinite LTE Plan on AT&T is great if you are constantly downloading, surfing the web, streaming videos, or posting online all day!

With this plan you get TRULY UNLIMITED 4G LTE Data along with unlimited talk and text on AT&T's Towers! That's it.... Use all of the data you want at high speeds on AT&T's Towers!

No taxes or penalties will ever be added to your account! With our Infinite LTE plan your bill will only be $54 each month!


How to Choose the Right Plan For You




Unlimited data usage example:

- 7,900,229,999+ emails

- 80,000+ hours of streaming music

- 9,000,233,099,000+ hours of surfing the web

- 709,000,000+ posts to social media

- 899,012,090,222,224+ apps downloaded *whatever apps you want

- 67,092,000+ hours of Standard definition video

- 45,993,449+ hours of High Definition Video



After ordering this plan you will receive an email and short phone call from us so that we can discuss the next simple steps for your service activation and we will send you your new SIM Card! 



*** Remember Cellular Data is not used whenever you are connected to Wi-Fi

**Service requires an AT&T-friendly or unlocked device

* No Hot Spotting currently available for this plan